Appreciation thread

There is a lot of questions here already, so for a change I just want to thank you all, people working on LXC/LXD and answering questions on this board. I wouldn’t expect such commitment even if I would pay for it. I enjoy very much just reading others questions and answers to better understand LXC/LXD.

I have some experience with Docker, creating heavily scripted dev environments for web developers. I just recently learned about LXC when I was prototyping my CI/CD setup, and considered using LXCs for most of its elements. Now I’m actually starting to think that it may be a better tech than Docker, at least for most of my use cases.

My reasoning is as follows: When you are developing a web app, you actually want to have all environments as similar to production as possible, and guess what: prod is actually running inside a VM or a container most of the time, so why aren’t we using the same thing for testing and development? I appreciate Docker also, I really do, but I started to think some. Cherry picking specific versions of programs and wiring them up with Docker Compose make sense for reproducibility of outcomes, but it directly contradicts the similarity with the production. Production trusts CentOS, or Debian, or any other specific ENVIRONMENT, not just a set of programs in cherry picked versions. And yes, you can create a single distro based image with distro based programs in Docker, and run multiple services in a single container, but LXC seems just conceptually much simpler for this use case, and Ansible’s yamls are more universal than Dockerfiles (which only Docker can understand). But anyway, I digress. I might be wrong, I don’t know yet. The point is that this board made me really appreciate this technology, and made me think about this stuff.

Keep up the great work guys :slight_smile: .