Are lxc.mount.entry available when lxc.hook.start is validated?

Hello there,

I am using LXC 3.0.1.
Simple question, let’s suppose we do have a lxc.mount.entry directive that places the desired files within a container folder. For this example /opt/. The contents are confirmed after I start the container.

Now let’s say I modify the config file and add lxc.hook.start = /opt/testhook

Why do I have an error like this? I expected the mounts on the config file to have already occur when lxc.hook.start is called.

2018-10-09_17:42:28 lxc-execute: experiment: conf.c: verify_start_hooks: 3338 No such file or directory - Start hook /opt/testhook not found in container

If I comment the lxc.hook.start and get into the container is clear I have the file /opt/testhook available.



Ok, I see the issue. I’ll send a patch to fix this.

See .

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