Arm64 container/VM on x86_64 host?


Does Incus/LXC support running a container or VM with a different architecture?

I get:

# incus launch images:debian/trixie/arm64 ta --vm
Launching ta
Error: Failed instance creation: Failed creating instance record: Requested architecture isn't supported by this host

But I wonder if it’s due to a missing dependency on my system.

Incus runs QEMU with -cpu host and only does virtualization (same architecture, can do different personality). The VMs do not do emulation of other architectures through QEMU.

Thanks. But is it planned to add support for it?

This, I do not know. I would be interested to find out as well.

Hmm, maybe you can create Incus VM with qemu-system for Arm then install Incus inside it and you will be able to add it as remote to your main/host Incus

No idea but I wouldn’t hold my breath :slightly_smiling_face:

Incus uses virtio, so it isn’t doing emulation even on device drivers. I don’t think the project will promote emulating cpu instruction sets :smiley:

But incus is based on qemu, and qemu supports all that, so it should be feasible to use a raw configuration for qemu: Instance options - Incus documentation