Armv7l LXC images?

QQ: I could swear I successfully downloaded and ran an armv7l Ubuntu Jammy image for LXC on May 6, and now there are no armv7l images at all on I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine this as I still have the config on my server w/ timestamps, but I’d like to try a different image. Any ideas or suggestions for where to find armv7l images?

armv7l is listed as armhf on the image server:
lxc image list images: arch=armhf

Thanks! Worked like a charm. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this. Fwiw my confusion was facilitated by the Luci interface under OpenWrt to install LXC containers, which somehow worked for armv7l and then stopped working. I can only assume something was doing an arch translation.