Attached host block device to VM gets random device name each reboot

(I’m testing out MAAS 3.0’s ability to use LXD as a VM orch instead of virsh, it’s great!)

I have a LXD VM, created and deployed via MAAS. After deploy I ssh to the host and pass through a block device from the host like this:

lxc config device add vm1 sdb disk source=/dev/sdb
After starting up the VM and ssh’ing into it, I see the block device is there, but it’s sda. I reboot the VM and next time around it’s sdc. etc…

Should I be using disk-by-id as the source=from the host?
Should I be using target=/dev/sdb on the VM?
Should I have added the second disk to the VM before first boot?
(I will try these things next)

Update: I went back and recreated the VMs in MAAS, then added the separate disks from the cli on the hosts, then ran commissioning in MAAS followed by deploy. All seems happy now.