Autocompletion - where to get ~/completions/lxd.lxc file from?

Continuing the discussion from [LXD 4.7] Autocompletion on ubuntu 20.04:

I would love to have some bash completion for lxd/Incus. By that I mean that when typing something like

  • lxc list deb <tab> will autocomplete to i.e. debian, debian12
  • lxc exe <tab> will autocomplete to exec

where would you get that file (lxd.lxc) from exactly?
I am on manjaro linux, running lxd 5.7, installed via pacman.

Is it a shortcoming of the distributions package if that is nowhere on the system?

Yes, the file is available in the upstream repository.

Same deal for incus, we have a bash completion script, our Debian packages include that file as you can see when using tab-completion at Linux Containers - Incus - Try it online

The file is here in the upstream repo:

thx. Maybe things got mixed up when I switched from snap lxd to pacman lxd.