Automated creation and management of LXD containers

Hi LXD community!

We’re a small team of researchers and engineers that has tangled up with LXD half a decade ago :slight_smile: (our first product shipped using LXD back in 2014/15). Since then, we have been using LXD to manage both our development and production environments and absolutely love its philosophy and API.

In our own development practice, we found that there were either no existing tools to automate the full lifecycle of a System Container or they had a steep learning curve. So over the last year and a bit, we’ve been working on bravetools a lightweight CLI utility to help us automate builds, configurations, and deployment of LXD images.

We’re really excited to share bravetools as an open source project: .

Although the project is new, the API is stable and is currently being used to manage both our compute infrastructure and ship our commercial products. As Bravetools evolves, we’re really excited to see additional applications where it can add value and benefit!