Automounted directory as subdir of shared disk not visible/usuable

I have a container with a shared folder:

    path: /fs
    source: /srv/data
    type: disk

In the shared directory /srv/data, there is a subdirectory /srv/data/confidential, which is an automounted, LUKS-encrypted volume.

At least on the host, not in the container. As I see, the LXC container mounts the data share as /dev/mapper/vg0-data, not as its directory path /srv/data. This effectively hides the crypted volume in the container.

I experimented with separate shares and bind mounts, but they all do not play with systemd automount.

Is there anything that can be done?

Edit: ChatGPT suggests setting the option to None, does that make sense?

No that isn’t right.

Try doing lxc config device set <instance> data recursive=true

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That seems to be absolutely what I was needing, thanks a lot!

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