Backup arm64 lxd containers on an x64 server


My raspberry pi4 is now running few containers using the ZFS filesystem (tank/lxd dataset). I want to backup these containers to my x64 server. These containers ofcourse cannot run on the x64 server since they are binary incompatible. My intention is to simply store them incase the raspberry does or something.

If i simply zfs send the ‘tank/lxd’ and its children every night to the x64 server, is that sufficient for backup?

If you are using snap on the pi4 then you should backup the entire directory which is /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd if I remember correctly. And need dump of the lxd like this.
lxd init --dump > dump_of_lxd.yaml

You can also setup a backup LXD instance and then use:

lxc remote add <target server> <target server address>
lxc copy <source instance> <target server>:<target instance> --refresh

or to produce a backup file:

lxc export <instance> <file name> --optimized-storage