Basic repositories are not included to Oracle Linux 8

In containers using Oracle Linux 8 (amd64) I can’t install some packages. (nmap for example).
I noticed only BaseOS is includes to repository list. I tried to include the official repository of AppStream ( And then I’ve able to install need packages but after updating & rebooting network didn’t work. The link was down.
I tried to up the interface using nmcli or IP link it also didn’t work with different errors.
I think it is because repositories from are compatible with full versions of Oracle Linux but these ones aren’t compatible with using with lxc containers.
After a few fails with Oracle Linux I tried to use Almalinux and in Almalinux there is all need repositories:

  1. BaseOS
  2. AppStream
  3. Extra

And all need packages I can install. So I think it’s problem with the image.