Best file system config for Intel NUC

I’d like to install LXD on an Intel NUC provisioned with two ssd drives—OS on the primary drive. LXD install gives me several choices for storage backend. Which would be best choice?

For example, can I mirror ZFS across the two drives and if so, how?

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You can create a zfs mirror like that, sudo zpool create test mirror /dev/sd<x> /dev/sd<y> and then create a storage to use that test pool.
lxc storage create zpool zfs source=test, I prefer zpool which is the storage name you can name it whatever you want.

Thank you, cemzafer,

Should I just select zfs when I install LXD then create the mirror as you suggest?


I suppose you are talking about lxd init part. So the zfs part need to be defined before. In the lxc initialization part you can enter the pool name that I suggested before.

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I much look forward to installing LXD and learning all I can including ZFS.

I’ve studied as much as I can on the web but no doubt many more questions will inspire my learning.

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