Best option to install Incus in Rocky Linux 9


Running snap LXD 5.20 in Rocky Linux 9 in my home server.

What is the best way to install Incus to migrate from LXD?

I prefer a package than having to compile from sources, but I’m not sure if using Fedora packages is possible or safe…

It may be worth giving a shot to the Fedora package see if that works.

@Conan_Kudo has started doing some work towards an in-distro Fedora package which would then open the door to EPEL as well. 2260492 – Review Request: incus - Powerful system container and virtual machine manager

But that may take a little while. I also know that the Rocky Linux folks are quite interested by Incus,
We had some Incus chats on the Rocky Linux chat server in the past:

So may be worth giving them a ping in the SIG/containers channel: Rocky Linux Mattermost

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Hey! They say that they are close to have Incus included in Fedora COPR Rocky Linux Mattermost
I’m just keep waiting and try the new package. Thank you!

That’s very good news!