Best way to run docker inside LXD when using ZFS?

I’d really like to run Docker inside an LXD container. It works straight out of the box, but it defaults to vfs as the storage driver, which is not exactly the best option.

Is it possible to get it working with AUFS or overlay2 for better performance when the host is using ZFS?

I’ve been reading and I’m not sure if it’s possible. I see that @simos created a blog post where he mentions this issue.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use another storage driver when using ZFS on the host, and if so, how?

My initial plan was to just run docker directly on the host, but docker does stupid stuff like messing with default iptables rules, so I would love to have it contained in a container.

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I would also love to know this. Do I have to switch to btrfs sacrificing quota security for it to run smoothly or is there a way to make it go fast on ZFS?

I believe I had it working with aufs/overlay2 at some point. I seem to remember one of the two being effectively allergic to having a ZFS underlay though.

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