Better ipvlan - how to communicate with node?

Hello all,

I’m using LXD 3.14 and tryed to use ipvlan.

I believe most users expect and want to have something that works exactly like venet from OpenVZ. Ipvlan looks like that, except communicating with node.

Is it possible to make it work?

ps: I’ve read but do not understand the problem with communicating to host.

Hi @Nick_Knutov IPVLAN is unfortunately designed that way in the kernel (not an LXD decision).

In principle it could be worked around by attaching another interface to the host that is part of the IPVLAN, although that is not ideal due to routing issues, as you’d end up with duplicate routes to the same subnet.

venet from OpenVZ made the host act like a router, where packets coming from the container used the host’s routing table to pick the next interface to send packets to, and it had the ability to communicate with the host. This also allowed the host to use iptables to filter packets between containers and the host.

We have had some discussions around potentially adding a “routed” mode that would behave similarly, but using veth pairs rather than an in-kernel venet implementation.

This would also use the same ARP and NDP proxying that IPVLAN uses so that containers could appear to be on an external network.

This would make it easy to add a container with a public IP address on a VPS or physical server that has multiple IPs routed to it.

Thanks, now it’s much more clear to me.

Is there some issue about that way in github I can subscribe to?

There is a pull request I started working on to add this

@tomp Thanks!

@tomp is it possible to use new veth routed mode with lxd 3.15 now? How to configure it with lxd?

Hi @Nick_Knutov

The router veth mode is in LXC at the moment, with 3.2 due to be released sometime this week most likely.

After that we can add support for it into LXD.