Bind/proxy listen:/run/user/1000/foo fails during container start || influence order/delay?


debian unstable host with
lxd 5.0.1-3 coming from official debian repository
unpriviliged container running debian unstable (also fails with other images i tested, so i guess the image doesnt really matter)

i need to create a proxy for an unix domain socket in /run/user/1000/foo in a container. i use the following profile

config: {}
description: foo passthrough profile
    bind: container
    connect: unix:/run/user/1000/foo
    gid: "1000"
    listen: unix:/run/user/1000/foo
    mode: "0700"
    security.gid: "1000"
    security.uid: "1000"
    type: proxy
    uid: "1000"
name: foo

when i apply the profile to a container it does not start up any more:

Error: Error occurred when starting proxy device: Error: Failed to listen on /run/user/1000/foo: listen unix /run/user/1000/foo: bind: no such file or directory
Try `lxc info --show-log bar` for more info

i guess this happens because /run/user/1000 does not exist at the time lxd tries to create the bind.

my workaround right now is to create the bind in /home/user/$(id -nu 1000)/foo and symlink to this with a systemd unit which is executed after boot in the container.
this does not really feel clean to me so i thought i’d ask if there are other possibilities which can be achieved by only using lxd configuration options.