Bridge creation

Right now, after installing LXC, you only have one default bridge “lxcbr0” (NATed) which is used to connect your container to host machine. So through this way, we can create multiple containers and connect them all to the bridge “lxcbr0”. My question is: Can I create two bridges “lxcbr0” and “lxcbr1” (lxcbr1 also NATed) such that I can divide the multiple containers into two subnetwork, one of which connects to “lxcbr0” and the other one connects to “lxcbr1”? I mean how can i create a bridge like lxcbr0 which comes under NAT?

Thank you

The lxc-net script doesn’t support creating multiple bridges, but you could probably make a copy of the script and alter it to either do multiple bridges itself or effectively run it multiple times with different configurations.