BSD VM in the "ERROR" state

Hi, I’ve been virtualizing OPNSense on LXD for about a week now for my home firewall.
My physical host is an small x86_64 box with four Intel i226-v NICs (one acting as the WAN interface with nictype=physical passed to the opnsense VM and the other three on a linux bridge acting as LAN joining opnsense’s LAN interface, LXC containers and the rest of my LAN together), it’s been working great but earlier today, I lost internet connectivity.

I found out my OPNSense VM was in the “ERROR” state when doing a lxc list. I force restarted it without looking at logs because I was in a hurry but I want to know what happened… How would I go about finding logs so I can investigate this issue and prevent it from happening again now that I’ve restarted it? I already looked in /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/ but found nothing useful in the qemu logs.

I’m new to debugging LXD issues because it’s always been solid for me. What should I try first?