Bucket access and error logs?

Hi all,
I’m currently working on creating a reverse proxy that serves the contents of a bucket provided by incus via HTTP.
For troubleshooting purposes I’d love to check bucket access and error logs. Is there any way to access them?
Using Incus 6.0.0 LTS installed via official deb repos, on Ubuntu 22.04.

I don’t believe we have plumbing in place to get the minio access/error converted to matching Incus log/error entries. I’d make sense to have access requests logged at debug level and access errors issue warnings or similar.

Yes having bucket logs would be great, or a config setting that would expose a bucket’s contents in the usual “static web site” configuration. With minio’s mc tool that’d be a simple mc policy set download <bucket> — I think it’s a common enough usecase that’s worth supporting.

I was looking for a simple way to get access and error logs printed to stdout/stderr so we could easily capture parse and send them over our own internal logging API, but minio doesn’t seem to be making that easy…

We’re not going to be running a custom webhook endpoint or anything like that just to have a way to get those logs out of minio…

stdout/stderr would be the easiest way to handle it but if we can somehow feed the minio process with our own file descriptors, that’d work too, not that I’ve had any luck with any of those options going through their doc.

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