Build a Linux Package with Circle CI, Docker Image or LXD Image?

Hi, I’m new to LXD and might have some basic questions—please correct me if I’m wrong.

I previously used Docker to create Ubuntu 18 images for our Circle CI builds. I now upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04, but I’ve encountered a hurdle. After I built my images through Dockerfile, During the Linux build process in Circle CI, I received an error stating, “LXD is required, but not installed.” It appears that LXD cannot be installed directly within Docker.

  1. How should I approach installing LXD in our build environment? Should I include the LXD installation in the config.yml,, or directly in the Dockerfile?
  2. is there a way to avoid this error message? if I don’t think I will be using LXD

Additionally, if anyone has a template or example that could guide me, it would be greatly appreciated.

You are asking in incorrect place, I am afraid.

LXD support is here: LXD - Ubuntu Community Hub


Aside: maybe it’s a time to remove the ‘LXD’ topic and tags from being available for new posts?

The LXD topic is not available to users. @stgraber assigns that category manually when a query is about LXD. At the same time Discourse is configured to auto-close the thread after a month of inactivity.

We should have some stock text for such cases, informing that Incus is a continuation of LXD and here we support Incus.