Can a LXD VM Boot MBR?

Is there a way to boot an MBR disk in a LXD VM? I know that I can create an MBR booting VM in Virt Manager.

In this example, I am booting DOS as an illustration. As far as I can tell, a LXD VM can only boot EFI. Is that true?

Yes, you can use security.csm=true in recent LXD.

(Also wrong, forum, we don’t do LXD support here anymore)

Stéphane, I knew this. By the way Run system containers with LXD | Ubuntu lists no community link for LXD yet as it indicated in the announcement. Do you know the correct link?

So, security.csm=false did the trick! Thanks.

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@Scott_T Can you clarify what you mean by “community link”? The new community forum is hosted on the Ubuntu discourse (LXD - Ubuntu Community Hub), and is available when you click on “forum”.

I found the link finally for the Canonical forum. Thanks.