Can container use cgroup while using cgroup2 in order to control memory with low and high threshold?

In a host, I want to use multiple containers, and one of them is android container.

In order to minimize the influence of memory usage between containers, memory.low and memory.high of cgroup2 seem to be suitable.

As I know, Android Container uses cgroup to control apps.

So, I wonder whether it is possible that cgroup v1 can be used in a container while using cgroup2 in lxc_3.0.x configuration .

I read
The next part makes me worry about it.

  • When the system boots, bothcgroup v1 filesystem and cgroup v2 filesystem are registered, so you can work with a mixture of cgroup v1 and cgroup v2 controllers.
  • You cannot use the same type of controller simultaneously both in cgroup v1 and cgroup v2.