Can each LXC container have it's own external IP on google cloud compute engine?

ok so i have a very simple question , i have installed LXD / LXC on google cloud compute engine ,
i am having no problem accessing the HOST by the public ip from inside out side the cloud
however i wanna to have the same for each LXC container i create so each of them has it’s own external IP is that’s possible ?
Let me rephrase my approach may be am headed wrong way …
all i need to do is host multiple webservers/websites on a single compute engine while each has it’s own External IP …
i been extensively googling this for the past 72 hours without any answer thanks a lot appreciate your help


One way is to pay for those multiple public IPs and then associate them with each container.
But the question, is this what you really want?
The industry practice with hosting many websites on a single public IP address, is to either use “virtual hosts” or a “reverse proxy”. For the case of LXC, the reverse proxy is more suitable, because you can place each website to its own container.