Can I run an image from docker hub in lxc/lxd?

Hi, I want to run an image which I have already created and uploaded on docker hub. Is it possible to run that image on lxc/lxd?

LXC itself may be able to do this by using the lxc-oci template script.
LXD only runs system containers so you’d need to run Docker inside a LXD container instead.

Thanks for your answer. I tried to do as you suggest. It first asked me for skopeo, now its asking for Umoci which is having some trouble like go0md2man command not found. Is there any simple way to do? can you please guide me. I want run some tests using the same container image i used with docker, currently hostel on docker hub.

I have installed skopeo, umoci, go-md2man and jq.
Now, when I try to run the command lxc-create c1 -t oci – --url docker://awaisaz/test:part2
it gives trust policy error. /etc/containers/policy.json not such file or directory