Cannot install ibm notes application in lxc container

Good afternoon friends!
I actively use ibm notes social edition 9 on my desktop, but after updating Debian 9 to the latest release, it turned out that some of the obsolete packages are no longer in use and are excluded from the release. Therefore, the idea came up to install debian 9 in the lxc container and run ibm notes 9 inside it.

  1. sudo lxc-create -t download -n lotus – -d debian -r stretch -a i386


lxc.include = /usr/share/lxc/config/common.conf
lxc.arch = linux32

Container specific configuration = 1
lxc.rootfs.path = dir:/var/lib/lxc/lotus9/rootfs = lotus9

Network configuration = 00:16:3e:b2:fb:38 = veth = lxcbr0 = up

2.Connected to the container and added the program:
apt install openssh-server x11-apps xauth libcanberra-gtk-module
3.Added the programs necessary to install Lotus:
apt-get install libbonobo2-0
4. dpkg -i ibm-notes-9.0.1-nodeb-i586.deb
5.Added a user account in the container.
/usr/sbin/useradd -c “User " -m -d /home/user -s /bin/bash user
6. logout
7.I enter the container as user
ssh -X user@
8. xclock
9. run:
/opt/ibm/notes/framework/…/notes %u -V licenseAccepted=“true” -Xms64m -Xmx64m
10. rpclancher.log:
CWPNL0030I: rcplauncher main arguments=”/opt/ibm/notes/framework/rcp/rcplauncher, -nl, en_US, -config, notes, -data, /home/user/ibm/notes/data/workspace, -NPARAMS, /restart, /rcp_old_pid, 36, /authenticate, 19, /V, licenseAccepted=true, /Xms64m, /Xmx64m, -RPARAMS, -vmargs, "

CWPNL0303I: lock file captured @ 20190802_112006_631
CWPNL0090E: Existing platform lock file found - checking validity.
CWPNL0304I: We are main process

CWPNL0021I: VM specified is “/opt/ibm/notes/framework/…/jvm/bin”
CWPNL0077I: loading at “/opt/ibm/notes/framework/rcp/deploy/”
CWPNL0132I: ===== Begin Launch Parameters =====
CWPNL0133I: ===== End Launch Parameters =====
CWPNL0306I: lock file released @ 20190802_112006_634

Installation does not complete.
It is possible that access via ssh -X is redundant, but I did not find another way.
Please tell me how to simplify the installation and add debugging. Is it possible to install a similar application in a container?


I tried to download this app but unfortunately you need to have a support contract with IBM to be able to get it.
From what I saw in the steps you have listed, there is no indication (no error message) that shows what could be wrong.

There is this report about Notes not running when Java has been upgraded,
But you need an active support contract to view the report content.

Can you use their support service to get them to find the solution for you?

Good day!
I put the file on disk. You can download the link.

I had a quick look.

It looks to me that the instructions at

are not complete. Most likely they were copied from some forum and the full pathname of the “notes” executable is not shown.

In addition, the date 20131002 from the instructions shows that the binary does back to 2012-2013.
It is possible to get to use Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 with GUI software, according to the instructions at

That deb package does not have built-in dependencies, therefore when you sudo apt install -f, it does not install the dependencies. You would need to manually install them.

Therefore, assuming you install the deb package and have installed the dependencies, what executable do you run?

Which distro(s) is this deb package supposed to run on?

Good afternoon, Simos!
Thanks for the answer!
With Ibm, the latest release of Notes for Linux was released in 2013. Therefore, you have to use it. Notes works well in Debian 9, Ubuntu 18, Mint.
Debian 10 excluded several libraries needed to run Notes.
Notes requires several programs (i386) to work:

  • List item

After installing them, Notes is installed with the command:

sudo dpkg -i ibm-notes-9.0.1-nodeb-i586.deb

Dependencies are not needed.
After installing on Desktop, a button for launching appears.

in /usr/share/applications/IBMNotes9.0-url.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=IBM Notes
Exec=/opt/ibm/notes/framework/…/notes %u

So I used this command Exec = / opt / ibm / notes / framework /…/ notes% u
Added automatic confirmation EULA: -V licenseAccepted = “true”

I would like to try to install in lxc not d lxd

The menu editor shows me a link to launch Notes:

About installing Notes I Read here:

A note here (no pun intended). There is the use of ellipsis (the three dots) we are supposed to mean that there is something missing in between and the user should be able to figure it out when they are actually performing the installation.
But there is no notes binary under the /opt/ibm/notes/framework/ subdirectory. What’s going on?
This ellipsis is shown multiple times in the text that you have pasted, and in fact it is even the proper ellipsis Unicode character ().

However, in the last screenshot, it shows that it is really not an ellipsis but just two dots.
Which means that it refers to the previous directory. That is, the actual full path of the binary is really /opt/ibm/notes/notes.

Having said that, it looks like this binary is fragile enough to require a full desktop and would not run without a full Linux desktop. That is, it wants a working D-Bus, etc. In addition, you wouldn’t want some obsolete software to access directly your X11 session. With X2Go, the software does not have access to your desktop session.

Therefore, you should be able to run this old binary in a container by using X2Go. That is, create a container so that the deb package can be installed successfully, then install the X2Go server component. Access this container from your host and you will be able to run the binary.
See instructions to make X2Go work on LXD,

Once you make it work with LXD, you should be able to translate the instructions to work with LXC.

Thank you very much,Simos!
I’ll definitely try it now!