"cannot read current revision of snap lxd"

I do no more acess to lxd…
root@server:~# lxc ls
cannot read current revision of snap lxd: No such file or directory

under debian buster and snap.
Containers are still running but I cannot access them…

Any help welcome. Thanks

It seems you had the same problem a week ago, so it seems your snap installation is not stable. Either it’s a software problem with snap, so try to check the snap forums if there is a current outbreak of problems with your distro, or it is specific to your configuration (hardware problem, driver problem, misconfiguration or bad use of features the possibilities are infinite…). It’s not possible to have any idea about your problem based on the little you say.

yes, thank you. You are right.
One more question : is it my snap installation which is not stable ? Or snap itself ?
After last week, I did uninstall and clear all snap data…

Like I said, it’s impossible to say if it’s snap that has a problem with debian or your config. It’s probably your config but it’s not possible to be very affirmative without searching debian and snap forums. I don’t use debian and have currenty no problem with snap so have no motivation to search these forums.

The error suggests that the snap squashfs is no longer mounted at /snap/lxd/REVISION so /snap/lxd/current likely just shows an empty directory.

You could probably fix that by hand, either by restarting the systemd unit which mounts it or by directly mounting the squashfs from /var/lib/snapd/snaps onto the right path.

You should also look into what you have on the system which may be unmounting stuff behind your back.

Thank you very much, I go hunting this “what”…
It is strange because it has worked for months : I look for “what” has changed.

There is certainly something else as :
root@server:~# ls /snap/lxd/
13300 current
root@server:~# ls /snap/lxd/current
bin criu etc lxc meta snap zfs-0.6 zfs-0.8…
root@server:~# ls -lh /snap/lxd/current
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5 Feb 8 07:39 /snap/lxd/current -> 13300