Cannot remove a volume that has snapshots

I am getting the above error. Here is the transaction:

qupl@anton:~$ lxc delete test
Error: Error deleting storage volume: Cannot remove a volume that has snapshots
qupl@anton:~$ lxc info test
Name: test
Type: container
Architecture: x86_64
Created: 2022/11/16 18:15 CET
Last Used: 2023/03/28 19:32 CEST

If I look in /containers-snapshots/ - there is no snapshot directory named “test”.


I have searched the net but so far have only found solutions describing to manually delete the directory under /containers-snapshots. My problem is that the directory is just not there.

No ideas yet as what it could be?


Ok, i found out why. It wasn’t because of disk or filesystem errors. It was because I looked in the wrong pool. I have two storage pools and I looked under the wrong storage pool.

So yes, the solution is to manually delete the snapshot. When using BTRFS, use the btrfs sub delete command to remove it.