Cannot set up guest memory 'pc.ram': Cannot allocate memory (when vm start)


When starting lxd vm, the following error message appeared.
Please help.

Thank you in advice.

lxc config show c701 --expanded please

Thank you @tomp

Please refer to the picture below.

free -m output may explain the out of memory.

Thank you @stgraber.

As you say, when i do free -m, u01’s total memory is allocated about 1GB.

And I set it as below.
lxc config set u01 limits.memory 8192MB

After setting as above, I checked again on u01 and confirmed that it had 8GB of memory.

I was aware that limits.memory is available only up to the maximum of the host’s total memory as defined by this value.

What I tested is nested vm.

host(notebook, ubuntu20.04)-vm(u01, ubuntu 20.04)-vm (c701, centos 7.8)

As you said before, i have confirmed that if vhost_vsock kernel module is supported, then becomes a nested vm.

Thank you again.