Canonical RBAC LXD API Spec

I want role based authentication in LXD, but do not want to use Canonical RBAC, so I started making my own RBAC server (which I plan on making free and open source) to the same spec in Node.JS, but I am having some trouble with figuring out some of the expected responses for some of it’s internal endpoints. I have searched far and wide and they do not seem to be documented anywhere. Right now I’m looking for the structure for /api/service/v1/resources/project/permissions-for-user and /api/service/v1/resources/lxd/permissions-for-user.

I should also note that I have received information that LXD is going to be adding OIDC and Oauth which would be much better for my use case, but since that isn’t available yet I am going this route for the time being.

Thanks in advance - Joseph