Cant connect to containers when using vpn to access lan VM and host works!

I have a weird issue when i connect to my lan via vpn (both openvpn and wireguard). I cant connect to my containers. My windows VM (lxd) on the same profile works fine. Connections from the host work well. They are on the same nic and subnet. I can also access my routers gui.

The containers are on a macvlan on a secondary nic. The VM is on the same nic and also macvlan (works).

Ports are open on the firewall of the containers.

Hello @faltaren !

I don’t know much about networking, but maybe try turning off the firewall? (

lxc network set <network_bridge> ipv6.firewall false
lxc network set <network_bridge> ipv4.firewall false

Suddenly it will work


I use macvlan. So no go on that one :frowning: