Can't ping containers on other servers

It seems that containers can only see other containers in the same server. Consequently processes on the main server can’t access containers on other servers. Is it supposed to be like that? I believe it would be better if they were accessible throughout.


It depends on how you’ve setup networking. With a basic bridge like incusbr0, that’s indeed the behavior you’re going to be getting.

Incus doesn’t have the Ubuntu Fan anymore to give you that out of the box (although IPv4 only, restricted MTU and Ubuntu-specific) experience.

You can attach your instances directly to an external network that’s shared with all servers which would avoid the issue, or if you need the ability to create Incus-specific networks for instances across multiple systems, then OVN will be the way to go.

How is performance of OVN? For Web traffic I can just used Ngninx, but for SQL and other things like Samba what do you think I should use?

I use proxy devices to open up certain ports. For web traffic I use a haproxy container for each incus host.