Can't run container with same name on multi projects

I followed this demo but got an error

~ lxc launch images:alpine/edge a1                                                                               ✔ 
Creating a1
Starting a1
Error: Failed start validation for device "eth0": Instance DNS name "a1" already used on network
Try `lxc info --show-log local:a1` for more info

Yeah, it’s something we’ve changed not too long ago.
Names must be unique for all instances using a particular network, even across projects.

So you’d need to either create a different network, or most likely the easiest option here is to use a different name for the instance.


Okay, thank you

Can’t this be solved with features.networks.zones on a project? So if each project has it’s own DNS zone, then there are no clashes with names anymore?

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That sounds reasonable

No, because that feature is for exporting DNS entries to upstream DNS servers & zones.
But the conflict this error is primarily checking for is having instances with the same name connected to the same local bridge (which provided local DNS services).

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