Capturing network packets in lxd container or on lxd host

Hi all,

I’m facing an issue where the connection to GitHub sometimes times out while I’m configuring the self-hosted runner inside an LXD container. As I’m new to networking, I would like to understand where I should capture the networking packets to begin debugging. Should I capture the network packets on the LXD host or inside the LXD container? Or is there a better way to debug this issue?

So far, I’ve already tried pinging GitHub inside the LXD container and it works fine. I also tried using the self-hosted runner check script to verify the connection using the provided script, and that also works fine. Self-hosted runner check script

However, the network has been very flaky. Sometimes the connection seems pretty good. I understand that this might not be specific to LXD networking. I’m kind of lost here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sounds like an MTU problem.