Censorship does not exist here, right?

How open minded is this community?

I wrote a comment critised LXD-makers documentary. Obviously that’s enough to be censored by the maintainers here.
We all sharing our 3rd century. We all have just one planet. What will LXD say with this agitation ? More of us ?

I am talking about this thread here:

I summon you to restore the orignial posts here!

@stgraber your statement is needed now.

I removed a few spam posts.I did not remove a thread. If I did something by mistake, I am sorry.
It should be easy to figure out from the logs.

Moderation exists, that particular comment was flagged by another forum member as being unhelpful or a similar category and was taken down after review.

This particular user continued with behavior that’s not suitable for this forum.

His account has been suspended for a period of one month, hoping to send a clear message for what’s appropriate in this community. Should this behavior continue after this period or continue through a separate account, a permanent ban will be put in place.

I’m now in the process of reviewing the posting history for this user and will be deleting posts that are inappropriate for this forum.


The post “Production setup recommendations” was made by me. What is wrong with that post? What wrong I did in the past?
Or, you are talking about somebody else?


What triggered this discussion was a response that @sandious posted in your “Production setup recommendations” thread which wasn’t terribly useful or constructive and was reported for removal by another user.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your post at all.

Yes, I already understood it. Thank you, Stephane.