CentOS 7 multilib 32bit + 64bit package bug?

I am pulling centos 7 image using command

lxc launch images:centos/7 centos75-base

but it seems it contains both 32bit i686 and 64bit x86_64 installed packages ? is that a bug ?

uname -m
yum list \*.i686 | head -n50
Failed to set locale, defaulting to C
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base: mirror.dal10.us.leaseweb.net
 * extras: mirror.den1.denvercolo.net
 * updates: bay.uchicago.edu
Available Packages
ElectricFence.i686                       2.2.2-39.el7                    base   
GConf2.i686                              3.2.6-8.el7                     base   
GConf2-devel.i686                        3.2.6-8.el7                     base   
GeoIP.i686                               1.5.0-11.el7                    base   
GeoIP-devel.i686                         1.5.0-11.el7                    base   
ImageMagick.i686                               base   
ImageMagick-c++.i686                           base   
ImageMagick-c++-devel.i686                     base   
ImageMagick-devel.i686                         base   
LibRaw.i686                              0.14.8-5.el7.20120830git98d925  base   
LibRaw-devel.i686                        0.14.8-5.el7.20120830git98d925  base   
LibRaw-static.i686                       0.14.8-5.el7.20120830git98d925  base   
ModemManager.i686                        1.6.10-1.el7                    base   
ModemManager-devel.i686                  1.6.10-1.el7                    base   
ModemManager-glib.i686                   1.6.10-1.el7                    base   
ModemManager-glib-devel.i686             1.6.10-1.el7                    base   
NetworkManager-glib.i686                 1:1.10.2-14.el7_5               updates
NetworkManager-glib-devel.i686           1:1.10.2-14.el7_5               updates
NetworkManager-libnm.i686                1:1.10.2-14.el7_5               updates
NetworkManager-libnm-devel.i686          1:1.10.2-14.el7_5               updates
ORBit2.i686                              2.14.19-13.el7                  base   
ORBit2-devel.i686                        2.14.19-13.el7                  base   
OpenEXR-devel.i686                       1.7.1-7.el7                     base   
OpenEXR-libs.i686                        1.7.1-7.el7                     base   
OpenIPMI.i686                            2.0.23-2.el7                    base   
OpenIPMI-devel.i686                      2.0.23-2.el7                    base   
OpenIPMI-libs.i686                       2.0.23-2.el7                    base   
PackageKit.i686                          1.1.5-2.el7.centos              updates
PackageKit-glib.i686                     1.1.5-2.el7.centos              updates
PackageKit-glib-devel.i686               1.1.5-2.el7.centos              updates
PackageKit-gtk3-module.i686              1.1.5-2.el7.centos              updates
PyQt4.i686                               4.10.1-13.el7                   base   
PyQt4-devel.i686                         4.10.1-13.el7                   base   
SDL.i686                                 1.2.15-14.el7                   base   
SDL-devel.i686                           1.2.15-14.el7                   base   
SDL-static.i686                          1.2.15-14.el7                   base   
a2ps.i686                                4.14-23.el7                     base   
abrt-devel.i686                          2.1.11-50.el7.centos            base   
abrt-gui-devel.i686                      2.1.11-50.el7.centos            base   
abrt-gui-libs.i686                       2.1.11-50.el7.centos            base   
abrt-libs.i686                           2.1.11-50.el7.centos            base   
accountsservice-devel.i686               0.6.45-7.el7                    base   
accountsservice-libs.i686                0.6.45-7.el7                    base   
adwaita-gtk2-theme.i686                  3.22.2-2.el7_5                  updates

I don’t know, would need to compare with a tranditional Centos7 install.
I don’t see any special handling in our image building that should cause this so it looks like it’s just the normal bootstrap process which resulted in those packages getting selected.

Usually default CentOS image for 64bit would only have x86_64 packages and images for 32bit would only have 32bit i686. Though I have come across some web hosts incorrectly offering multilib 32/64bit centos images. The fix is usually for 64bit image builds is to run yum -y remove \*.i686 during the build process to remove the incorrect 32bit ones.

I usually also set in /etc/yum.conf for 64bit centos in my LEMP stacks

exclude=*.i386 *.i586 *.i686 

could be the case not sure if i have been use to using that exclude line that i usually don’t see multilib issues

so i could build my base centos 7 image with the following first

lxc exec centos75-base -- sed -i "s|plugins=1|plugins=1\nexclude=\*.i386 \*.i586 \*.i686|" /etc/yum.conf