Centos streams rpms or snap?

I’m still using lxd and now considering switching to incus due to images: soon being unavailable.

I’m currently using snap on centos 8 streams on test and RHEL8 on live and that worked fairly well for a couple of years.

Now, if I want to switch to incus, how am I supposed to do that? are there any plans for a snap or a rpm? How am I supposed to install incus without switching the host distribution which is a large pain?

Hey there. If you’re using the LTS version of LXD on CentOS/RHEL then you should be in the last group that will lose access to the image server. We’ve generally designed the timeline specifically to avoid situations where there is effectively no path forward for the users.

@ganto maintains COPR repositories that include LXC, LXCFS, LXD and Incus for most of the Fedora releases. I don’t know if those can also be made to work on CentOS/RHEL.


Neal Gompa also seems to have made some initial attempts at getting COPR builds of Incus, including targeting EPEL but that dates back a couple of months at this point.

Yeah well, I’m not using LTS, I’m following the latest/stable branch in snap. Have already spent some time fiddling with copr fedora builds, but so far no luck.

Am i fscked in March then?

How is your block on images: implemented? Just looking at the user agent or whatever header? I’ve managed to manually curl the images and import that using lxc image import, will that continue to work after March?

Manual curl and import will keep on working. We’re indeed just using a check on the User Agent.

That said, after May, we will be removing some LXD-specific logic from inside those images, though that should only really affect VM images, I’d expect container images to keep behaving as there’s nothing really LXD or Incus specific in them.

Hey! I’m trying to untangle things so that I can figure out shipping it in Fedora/EPEL directly. It’s taking some time because I’m juggling so much stuff.

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Great to hear!
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

I actually have the same goal. If you’re interested I could post my current Incus spec files for review. I think they should be in pretty good shape by now.

I believe I based my spec off yours (check the package review), so feel free to jump in, and once it’s landed in Fedora+EPEL, I can make you co-maintainer too.

Ya, I just found… cool, yes that’s my spec file. Happy to see it finally progress.

Sure I’d help where I can as I was maintaining this all by myself for many years. Raft and dqlite are already available in Fedora since a while but I neglected them a bit because the LXD spec file was never in a shape to be added. I guess dqlite is no longer needed but cowsql instead. Did you already create a review for that?Otherwise I’d do that.

cowsql is already in Fedora, it would probably make sense for you to get co-maintainership of that package, along with you already having maintainership of raft.

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