Ceph storage pool deletion procedure


First, look at the below picture.

To delete a ceph storage pool, do i need to make the pool deleteable from the ceph storage and use the lxc storage delete command? Or is it possible to specify the mon_allow_pool_delete option on the lxc command line?

There is one more question.

What can I do besides creating a storage pool for ceph storage management? (ex. replica [size, min_size] number change, pg_num number change, etc …)

Thank you.

You need to configure your monitors to allow for pool deletion.
There’s nothing LXD can do if the monitor reject the pool deletion.

LXD has some minimal amount of OSD pool config for the number of placement groups, though additional tweaking is usually best done after the fact directly through CEPH.

It’s similar to the other storage backends. The most common options we’re happy to support directly, but we also don’t want to end up having to duplicate the entire storage backend’s config and CLI in LXD itself.

Thank you @stgraber.

As you say, first enable the option to delete the pool from ceph storage, then delete the pool with the lxd command.

For me it seems reasonable to create a shared storage pool with the procedure below.

  1. Configure lxd cluster without shared storage pool.
  2. Create a ceph user that can be controlled only for the shared storage pool to be created.
  3. Create storage pools.