Change LXC local image repository

hi Folks.

I am an administrator who is migrating openvz containers to LXC environment.
The only way i could do that was importing the openvz containers as an LXC image.
All was working smoothly until a v-machine with over 200Gb size. Well, I do not have to tell that the local disk can’t afford an image with this size. So the only solution I thought was to move the local image repository (/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/images) to a ZFS with more than 1Tb space.
I already have the appropriate local for that (/zdata/images).
Unfortunately I don’t know where to configure the new path to accomplish this objective.
Does anyone have this information? Does anyone can help me with that?

For the migration, you may want to look at the lxd-migrate tool as a way to avoid having to go through images.

For storing images on a custom volume, you want to look at the storage.images_volume config key.