Choices for LXD and production


I’m going to start with a fresh LXD server for production use.
I think to have the choice between:

  • ubuntu server 18.04 (LTS) with the packaged lxd 3.0.3
  • ubuntu server 19.04 with the snap packaged lxd 4.0.0

Which stack would you advice?
My personal choice would be to prefer the ubuntu LTS basement but I’m afraid having to upgrade to snap in few years. Because if I well understood, LXD is no more package in the core Ubuntu distribution and we have to use snap for the future?
So maybe it’s better to start now with snap? A third option would be to install snap on ubuntu 18.04 and to start with LXD 4.0.0 (as it is already ready with snap) so the future upgrades would be easier?

Any tips and advices are welcommed.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
Best regards.

You can install the LXD 4.0 snap on Ubuntu 18.04 with no problem.

So I’d recommend 18.04 + LXD snap, then upgrade to 20.04 down the line.

Ok thanks, I will do that!