CIAB (Cloud in a Box) Remote Desktop System v3 is available on Github - including 3 new video's

Cloud in a Box (CIAB) Remote Desktop System v3 is now available on Github:

Utilizing Guacamole, NGINX, Tomcat, MySQL, XRDP and LXD Linux Containers for a secure, powerful, scalable Linux & Windows Remote Desktop System requiring only an HTML5 capable browser.

Includes support for audio, cut&paste, drag&drop file upload/download, printing and over 20 Admin installable Web Applications which each reside in their own LXD container.

All components of CIAB v3 run in LXD containers on an Ubuntu 18.04 VM, Server or Cloud Instance.

New to CIAB v3 is the CIAB MANO tool (based on LXDMosaic) with which the CIAB Admin can manage and orchestrate LXD containers on the CIAB Host/Server or on Remote LXD Hosts/Servers.

CIAB v3 Videos:

Title: CIAB Remote Desktop System v3 - Introduction and Demo of Use
Title: CIAB v3 Remote Desktop System - Installation I
Title: CIAB v3 Guacamole Configuration and Wrapup