Cloud-init cc_lxd is out of date


I was experimenting with cloud-init and cc_lxd module. I wanted to initialize LXD using preseed block it seems that cloud-init lxd module tries to install lxd using apt. obviously this won’t work since lxd package has to be installed using snap.

This is the error i’m getting

E: Package 'lxd' has no installation candidate
2023-05-04 07:52:14,400 -[WARNING]: failed to install packages ['lxd', 'zfsutils-linux']: Unexpected error while running command.
Command: ['eatmydata', 'apt-get', '--option=Dpkg::Options::=--force-confold', '--option=Dpkg::options::=--force-unsafe-io', '--assume-yes', '--quiet', 'install', 'lxd', 'zfsutils-linux']
Exit code: 100

Not sure what I can do to resolve this?

Yeah, I believe @Chad_Smith and team were looking at refreshing that particular cloud-init module.