Cloud-init in incus with lxd datasource

lxd datasource in Cloud-Init (LXD - cloud-init 23.4.1 documentation) expect to have access to /dev/lxd/sock for now i see that it is actually an alias to /dev/incus/sock in images from linux containers image server. Is it going to stay functional with current rebranding efforts in incus and license changes in lxd?

Yeah it will work for a little while but cloud-init should get a proper datasource for Incus to keep things going properly.

I have doubts that they add support for de facto competition, Cloud-init is after all a Canonical project,

cloud-init has a number of maintainers who don’t work for Canonical but work for other distros and clouds, we had one such maintainer tell us they’re looking at adding an Incus datasource.


OK, thank you for clarifying that.