Cloud orchestration - IAAS solutions using LXD

Considering that OS-level virtualization ecosystem in Linux has reached a certain level of maturity and that LXC/LXD are the best representatives of it in the userspace, it might be useful to keep track of other cloud orchestration/management solutions, or more humble IAAS platforms, that take advantage of OS-level virtualization via LXD.

Auth-N, role management, orchestration, resource accounting, and other operations, are important pieces of the puzzle.

Up to now I am aware of the following:

OpenStack on LXD
OpenNebula LXDoNe
Flockport (interesting, but does not seem very active, lately).

What about Cloudstack, anyone knows what is going on there? Are you aware of anything else?

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Hello Linux Containers Community, I’m one of the OpenNebula LXDoNe developers. I’d love to get feedback from you to improve this virtualization driver.

I guess that request would sit much better in a separate topic.


i am looking for Professional Support for Cloud Project based on OpenNebula + LXD

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I use a CloudStack based host and all instances are KVM based from what I can tell…