Common Open Research Emulator (CORE) is a tool for emulating networks (added support for LXD/LXC and Docker

For those that might be interested in this…


The Common Open Research Emulator (CORE) is a tool for emulating networks on one or more machines. You can connect these emulated networks to live networks. CORE consists of a GUI for drawing topologies of lightweight virtual machines, and Python modules for scripting network emulation.

Apparently, now supports LXD/LXC and Docker.

I’d opened an Issue to ask about possible support for LXD back in 2019… one of the Dev’s

Thanks for the input, that makes perfect sense and when we get there maybe a reason to try out Lxc first. Ideally maybe even support both for whatever people would like.

Funny thing was they DID implement support for LXD/LXC and Docker but forgot to tell anyone until today when someone else in the above Issue 257 again asked if there was any update and the Dev
responded today … (Note: what the dev says about integration below)

Docker and LXC (by way of LXD) are supported now and have been for a while. I forgot this existed to update. The integration is fairly minimal at the moment though and assumes you have the images you need for the nodes cached locally.

They can be used directly through python/gRPC or the new python based GUI.

by the way the License is very liberal (read the license file in the repo).