Community.general.lxc_container is senescent


The ansible module which appears to be meant to manage lxc containers is inoperable, and refers to the archived lxc/python2-lxc library.

lxc_container is in the latest ansible-galaxy community.general documentation, but is missing - probably because it cannot be built. Which is pretty disappointing.

The vagrant infrastructure for the lxc provider is a bit creaky too. Seems to work, but there are no official Ubuntu 20.04 LTS boxes.

Is it me, or the ecosystem, that is missing something?


I thought that Ansible transitioned to python3 by now, in which case it should be using python3-lxc that in general is in a much better state than python2-lxc.

I was expecting a python3 version. I can find no such animal.
I expect that will turn off quite few dev-ops people from using lxc

Seems to be here

Yes that is the prerequisite which @stgraber keeps up-to-date.
The ansible module 'Community.general.lxc container needs to be rebuilt to use it.

I cant see any link to the ansible module source from the referenced documentation.

I can see some source with the author mentioned in the docs (Kevin Carter) here: