Community workshop showcasing LXD, Juju + Tailscale on august 12

If you are a fan of LXD - be sure to join the community organized Juju workshop on the 12:th of august to see some interesting “real world scenario” using (not only) LXD.

Here is the link to the post in the Juju community.




I went to the link you posted to see if there was a recording of the Juju, LXD & Tailscale workshop

Do you know if it was recorded?


@bmullan unfortunately not, but I can confirm that the setup is amazing.

I’d be happy to show you if you like some time and perhaps @emcp could re-run the session with me now that we both have a setup like this.

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Just curious why they don’t record things like this?

Globally there could be lots of people for lots of reasons that can’t make a specific web event (time zones, other work etc).


@bmullan sometimes it gets recorded - but we normally try to make the events non-recorded to allow people to be relaxed in the interactive community sessions. Also its a community driven event and taking the time to do recordings, editing etc. is not always skills we have.

I understand.

10:00 AM, in Stockholm, Sweden is
1:00 AM, on West Coast of the US

@bmullan totally understand. But there is actually a Americas juju community which is running workshops like this which is far better for your timezone. You should connect with us there. We try to mix alot and regularly connect.

Join up with to the and ping me in there and I’ll get you in contact with more people there.