Considering switching from LXC to LXD on Fedora-32


Hello Friends:

This question is somewhat related to a separate question I revived today.

I’ve been using LXC (without LXD) on Fedora Linux for years. I keep things simple. All of my containers use simple ext4 filesystem directories, like this:


vps = virtual private server

And whenever I need to, I’ll clone a vpsXX instance using the humble cp -rp command (with the container off, of course); then update the destination’s MAC and IP-Address.

Although I prefer remaining with my straight LXC strategy (i.e. using the /usr/bin/lxc-xxx CLI approach), I’m looking into LXD today because I upgraded my Bare-Metal O/S from Fedora-30 to Fedora-32, and now my vpsXX LXC’s won’t start. This happens every once in a while.

Sigh! :disappointed:

It’s likely a conflict with the LXC config file and something that changed with Fedora-32, though I can’t seem to figure out the issue.

Now I don’t need fancy image cloning or snapshotting (it’s all on the same SSD H/W RAID-0 Stripe anyway). Given that I like keeping things simple, transparent and not over-engineered (which I get with LXC), are there things that LXD would offer me that I should consider? For example, performance when several containers are running simultaneously? (Just an example).

PS: I may have no choice if I can’t figure out how to get my LXC containers running again on Fedora-32 (which were running perfectly fine right before the upgrade from Fedora-30). Any help with ideas on that problem would be welcome, too. :laughing:

Thank you in advance for you inputs! Sorry for the long question. :relaxed:

Well, I would recommend opening a seperate post with details about it, otherwise it is hard for others to help you.

There are lots of functions that certainly are easier to use with LXD than LXC.
Take a look at the documentation and advanced guide etc. or just search the forum for ideas.

Performancewise you can look at multiple things:

And probably some more things I forgot :wink:.

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@toby63 @stgraber Thank you gentlemen for providing me with answers in the forum, as I grappled with considering moving to LXD. I must admit that I like it’s interface (it reminds me of docker and podman in a small way).

I will revisit moving to LXD once I move my project into the cloud. For now, though, I had to restore back to Fedora-30 because time does not permit me to learn the LXD API, CLI and best practices, or deal with gotchas or bugs that I may run into.

So let’s make an appointment to meet back here again soon, shall we (say in about 2+ months, roughly early in the new year). In the meantime, I’ll still post some LXC questions (and possibly a few tinker-inspired LXD questions, when I have time for that. :blush:).

Thanks a whole bunch! Talk with you again soon.