Container console questions

I’ve been using incus for a while now, but there are a couple of details I can’t seem to fully clear up. I’ve spent a decent amount to time searching here and the incus docs, but have not found the answer.

Let me us Alpine for example here, though this applies to others too. I should note I’m working with the incus-ui here and its all locally installed on my machine. I can get the container running, no problem. However, when I goto the console tab it asks for a login. I can’t seem to figure out what that would be. I have found that if I do a incus shell from the console I can get a root shell and proceed to do the work I need to. I’m not sure if I was missing something or if this is the way its supposed to work.

Also accessing the terminal, not console from the incus-ui seems to be different then the console. It seems to be dependent on the image I load as it seems there is software required to be installed in the container for it work. For example the ubuntu images have whatever it is already there and I can easily get a root shell to do what I need. Info about that seems a little sparse so if someone could explain that in more detail that would be useful. If anyone can help me make more sense of this I’d greatly appreciate it.

The text console isn’t very useful for containers, other than maybe seeing boot messages.
To login through it, you’d need to first create a user and set a password through the root shell.

The terminal runs /bin/bash which most distributions do have installed, Alpine is one which does not, so you need to manually override the terminal to use /bin/sh instead.

Thank you for clearing that up. I had a suspicion that something like that might be the case. Yeah I confirmed terminal requires bash as you said. Now I know.