Container copy failure LXD 4.0 to LXD 5.0

I’ve started upgrading our servers to Jammy and can no longer reliably copy containers between the servers

lxc copy jammy-server:container container

Fails with:

Error: Failed instance creation: Error transferring instance data: Got error reading migration source: websocket: close 1000 (normal)

Is this a known issue? It fails for both push and pull in the same way.

Smaller (~1GB) containers seem to work. The one that fails is ~40GB and the transfer fails after 4GB.

What versions of LXD are you using?

The focal machines are using 4.0.9 and the jammy machines are on 5.0.0

What storage pool type is source and target?

Source focal machine is zfs, destination jammy machine is lvm.

I can change the destination.

As a test can you refresh the target to LXD 5.2 edge (using the latest/edge snap channel) and then try copying from LXD 4.0.9 to the LXD 5.2 edge.

As there have been quite a few migration changes since LXD 5.0.0 so it would be good to know if its already been fixed and will then be in LXD 5.0.1.

Be aware you won’t be able to downgrade back to LXD 5.0 LTS on that machine afterwards, so don’t move the container there permanently.

I’ve updated the Jammy machine to git-cc23adc (latest/edge) from 5.0.0 and copies just hang now at the start. It creates the db entry for the new container, but the transfer doesn’t appear to start. There is no feed back in the console after entering the command.

It looks like lxd 5.2-79c3c3b has now been made available on the stable channel. I’ve purged lxd on my test machine and installed that. I can’t copy containers with the same symptoms I had with latest/edge

Actually scratch that, there is network traffic. Just no user feedback.

Did it finish in the end?

If you’re still experiencing an issue with LXD 5.2 then I suspect it will be related to:

This will be in LXD 5.3 and LXD 5.0.1.


In the meantime you can use lxc export <instance> <file> move the file to the new host and do lxc import <file>.

Yes, it did finish in the end, which saved me from resorting to the backups thankfully. It was just weird that the progress feedback has gone. Thanks for your help.

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