Container + LXDWare with macvlan problems

Hello, I am new to the topic of lxd and have a question about it.

For info, I have a DHCP server that distributes all static IP addresses using MAC addresses, the rest is assigned dynamically. I have several VLAN’s (10 - 50). In the 40 VLAN is the server on which LXD runs. Everything works fine and I was able to assign IP addresses to the containers with macvlan.

The problem is with the setup of LXDWare (LXDui I can not test because too many errors are issued during installation). LXDWare runs in a LXC container (name: lxd-dashboard) with Alpine, the installation works. But now you have to enter the host IP which is from the server. But this does not work, I get a Bad Request (400) back. My guess is that it is the macvlan. I know that you can’t ping from container to host and vice versa. On another test system with the normal bridge lxdbr0 it works, but then I can’t reach the containers from the network from other PCs.

I am not an expert in networking, but can you show me a way to get LXDWare running so that the containers are still reachable from the network?

Other than that, I’m having a lot of fun with this whole topic, I’d like to set up containers in the future that include Nextcloud, Paperless and FHEM.

Thanks a lot for your help.


I advise you to use the default lxdbr0 settings

Later do a port forward to your container