Container Restore Fails after unsuccessful apt upgrade


I want to report some odd restoration bahavior in case it’s significant:

Server: Ubuntu 16.04
LXD version 2.0.11
zfs file system using a deducated drive for the pool
LXC container named ‘OnlyOffice’, running 18.04.

Container runs OnlyOffice document server, which works adequately except when I try to update it. Specifically:-

lxc snapshot OnlyOffice snap4
lxc exec OnlyOffice bash

Then in the container:

apt update && apt upgrade && apt autoremove

The upgrade goes OK (no significant errors), but after the document server doesn’t work (it’s always been a bit flakey for me, so that’s likely a seperate problem). No problem, back at the host I issue:

lxc restore OnlyOffice snap4

To get me back to where I started…And then restart the container…and it still doesn’t restore properly - or at least it doesn’t work, which is surprising.

If I copy the container snapshot:

lxc copy OnlyOffice/snap4

& start the container…it works as it did before it’s broken. Quite strange eh?

OnlyOffice is a bit tempramental, so I am not caught offguard by it not working after an upgrade, but I am a little surprised at my lxc restore bahavior. If this is an interesting bug, I’ll be happy to provide anything to help you explore it.

Of course, this could be quite normal, it’s just not what I expected.

Loving LXD! Thanks very much.